Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rabbits Everywhere!

I can't believe it! I can hardly breathe with the excitement :) This week I finally put the last stitches on my Harrington and Hannah blocks from Michelle's Raspberry Rabbits.  I never thought it would take this long but you know how it is.  Life happens and interrupts important stitching time and then one must support one's stitching addictions habits lol!

Anyway, here are the last blocks, all stitched and now I have to come up with a layout plan. I have buttons and beads and such to add to the blocks yet but can't do that until the quilting is done. I did make some changes to some of the blocks too but just little ones. I'm sure Michelle won't mind that her designs inspired me to explore my creativity on some of the blocks:)


barcord said...

Gorgeous blocks.

Michele said...

It look wonderful! Great job Shelley :-)

QuiltSue said...

They're just so cute. It's going to look wonderful however you decide to lay it out.

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Hani Aurora said...
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