Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wool Needlecases

We are having our first thunderstorms of the season this afternoon, so I guess we can say spring is finally here. We have a little covered deck off our kitchen that I love to sit out on in the afternoons and rock. I can look up the river valley and see the storm coming. I love watching the lightening and smelling the rain on the air. We live at one of the highest points in our area and we can see storms for miles around.

This week must be wool week for me because I also finished up these 6 wool needlecases with appliqued coneflowers on them.  An old pattern from years ago in an  American Patchwork and Quilting mag.  I had prepped them to work on two summer's ago when Mr. RQ was taking his treatments but just couldn't get my head or hands wrapped around them back them.  They've been starving for attention in a bag, you all know how that is lol, ever since and this week, all inspired by having finished my rabbits, I grabbed the bag and finished them up.  It felt really good to get them out of that bag :)

Working on finishing up one more unfinished wool project and then guess what! I can start a new one lol!

Happy stitching and God Bless!


QuiltSue said...

I love them. Please can you tell me which mag the pattern was in so I can see if it's still available?

Joanne Lendaro said...

those are pretty cute!!

Sherryl said...

I've never worked with wool before, but after looking at these sweet little needlecases and drooling over your Harrington and Hannah blocks... well, I'm tempted to try. Lovely!