Monday, April 22, 2013

Get over it!

If you are a regular follower and like to read my blog, please skip this post or at least forgive me for having to post it.  My blog is meant to be uplifting, inspiring and hopefully, sometimes funny.  But this issue has reached it's limit and I will speak out to the bullies.

I simply cannot believe the nasty comments I'm still getting over re-purposing my treadle machine! Especially from the gutless commenters who write under anonymous or have their account set to No-reply. Easy to throw dirt when you can't get it back, right!  So I have one big thing to say....GET OVER IT!!   It was MY machine, to do with as I like.  I did not go to my local sewing machine store to find parts..see, I'm not stupid. I researched and found a Raymond part supplier.  I KNOW it was a famous brand made in Canada! Apparently alot of you can't read because I never said any of those things in my post! Parts were available, It was NOT about $$.  After speaking with a RAYMOND restorer, it was clear the sewing machine itself could not be fixed...BECAUSE A MAJOR PIECE THAT WAS CAST IRON THAT HELD PIECES IN PLACE WAS RUSTED AND GONE, NOT REPLACEABLE!!!!  So please, as my grandmother and mother taught me, if you can't say something nice, then SHUT UP!  And yes, before anyone says it, I can accept comments with critiques.  But I will not accept name calling and bullying and nastiness!
Enough is enough! Leave it alone already!