Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Silver Anniversary!

Yesterday, Mr. RQ and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary!  It was just as beautiful a day weatherwise as it was 25 years ago.  We didn't do anything special at this time. 

We want to do something wonderful when David has recovered more fully from his treatments.  He is finally on  solid foods for the most part,  although some still give him some difficulty.

I've had a tough time since we've been home from the hospital.  I've been to my doctor and hopefully will be back up and going strong in a few more weeks :)

My mother and I went to a quilt show on the weekend and I got a couple of photos of some quilts that caught my attention.

 The three quilts above will all made using the X-Block method.  I found it really amazing that one ruler could create all these designs.  I especially liked the diamond patterned one.  And I found it refreshing to see that the quilter used the simple tacking method to complete her quilt.  I thought it really suited it and was glad she had put it in the show.  Sometimes, I think we feel that unless our quilt is finished with hand or machine quilting, that it's not good enough for a show.  Not so!

 This quilt, though too bright for me, intrigued me with it's visual impact. And, when I saw how simple it was to piece, then it really caught my interest.  Lots of opportunity to play with color here!  The blocks are simple HST blocks with black being the constant.  One could take this design in so many directions!
 I'm a sucker for charm packs and I'm always on the lookout of simple yet visually appealing ways to use the charms.  This quilt is made from a charm pack of Arthur's Attic and black frames.  It really appealed to me :)
 This quilt spoke to my heart as the fabric reflects the patterns and colors of my childhood.  I have eyed this quilt kit for several months now at Rather Be Quilting quilt shop in Maine.  Interestingly, the quilt was made by the owners' husband and it's his first quilt :)
This was a very interesting tabletopper.  All those pieces are connected and if anyone knows the name of the pattern, please let me know.

Remember this creature from the black lagoon (I posted about it back in January)
Well, I had passed all the flowers onto another quilter and here's what she made!
Didn't it turn out nice!!! I tried to convince her to send it back to me but sadly no LOL! I like it so much better now :)

Happy Stitching!

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