Friday, August 5, 2011

Done but not over

Well, we're done....done the treatments that is.  But it's certainly not over. I'll warn you now...the pictures are not going to be pretty.  It's been a very rough two weeks...very rough.  Mr. RQ has lost about 25 lbs going on 30...the skin around his chin where he used to have some fat just hangs, he's lost muscle and he's weak.  The biggest issue at this time is the sores in his mouth...they are preventing him from eating and drinking much. It's even difficult to talk.  Most days, we are lucky to get a cup of food into him.  And they are going to take a couple or more weeks to get better according to the dr.'s.  He still has lots of nausea and very very tired.  We are just going hour to hour not even day to day.

Here are a couple of pics of the radiation burns on the outside and of course, they are much much worse on the inside.

and, since these pics were taken on Monday, the skin has started to blister and peel.

We go for his first checkup the end of August just to see how he's doing and then we go to 2nd checkup first of October and that is the one that will tell us how well the treatments have worked.   Please Lord, let the cancer be gone!  He may be done with the treatments but the treatments aren't done with him.  They continue to do their job over the next few weeks.

Just wanted to update everyone and I hope to get back to more routine blogging soon!  Oh, to have a routine and some consistency again!  God Bless all of you who have been standing by us with love, prayers and hugs(real and virtual)!

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