Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Updates, quilty stuff and talented friends!

Oh....deep breath's been a rough 1 1/2 weeks with David's treatments.  Last week, he had his second chemo on Tuesday and it was rougher this time.  He's very tired and nauseated and hasn't seem to come out of it this time.  He lost 7 lbs last week and Dr's don't want him to lose any more this week but he has a hard time to eat and keep it down.  We need prayers on this situation.  His spirits are pretty good but it's discouraging when you don't feel like eating and just want to sleep.  He's always been such an energetic person and hasn't had these symptoms up until now and it's been a big mental adjustment for him to accept that he just can't do things.  We keep reminding him that it's just temporary and it's means the radiation and chemo are doing their job.  He's halfway thru his 5th week... a little over two more weeks to go and I expect they will be rough although I'm praying they won't be any worse than this week.  I'm drained and taking a couple days to veg out and rest.  It's the mental and emotional drain that takes it's's so hard to watch what he has to go thru and be helpless to change it.  He gets a little testy with me lol cause I keep pushing food on him.  He's says it all tastes like plastic and metal and I tell him tough, don't taste, just swallow. He has anti nausea meds but they don't seem to do much good at this point.

He lost part of his mustache last week which totally freaked me out lol!  Weird...I've trimmed it lots of time and that's never bothered me.  I think I've only seen him twice in the past 31 years without a mustache and girls, it ain't pretty lolol...just kidding honey :)

Last week, just before his chemo, he felt like having chicken so we went to Swiss's like homecooked chicken dinner there and you'll never guess what was on the walls!  Of course, I had to grab some photos so I could come home and do the same thing :)
They took an old window frame and framed a piece of an old quilt.  I just loved it!  It's quite large as you can see the scale with the scrub board next to it.  Gotta watch yard sales for an old frame.  Already have some old quilts of only sentimental value that will fit the bill perfectly for this project.

Another old quilt top in another size frame.  What I loved was the size of the quilting stitches on it....definitely utility size stitching, this quilt was meant to be done quickly and used frequently...nothing wrong with that!  Sometimes I think we forget what quilts are really supposed to be about.  We get too caught up in the perfectionism of the project.  Any quilt I have ever made with perfection in mind has never brought me the joy that a quilt I made quickly and for fun. 

I just about flipped when I saw this hanging on the wall!!!  I have never seen another Raymond treadle sewing machine piece anywhere.  My grandmother's treadle was a Raymond, exclusively designed in Canada years ago.  I love how they salvaged the side piece and made it into a shelf.  One of the waitresses who had been with this restaurant owner from the beginning walked around with us and explained how the pieces were from the owner's grandparents old farm house and some of the history behind the pieces.  A good meal and a historical tour...what more could a patron want!!  Will definitely go back :)

Finally, I must tell you about a wonderful giveaway from my friend Jacquelynne's blog.  She has NEW BOOK that is absolutely fab!!! Go check her out and see her amazing new book!  I love her ideas and patterns.  Congrats Jacquelynne!

Happy stitching!

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