Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rough Week

Twelve more radiations and one chemo to go and it'll be none too soon for all of us! It's been a rough week and a half but we've been very lucky up til now with David having felt pretty good up until this last chemo.  Now, it's hard to find food that doesn't make his sores in his mouth and throat hurt, food that tastes fairly palatable, food that doesn't make him nauseous and slides down easily.  I know, you would think that icecream and milkshakes and mashed potatoes would fit the bill but he can't tolerate any of these things.  He's lost weight and is under orders to try to notlose any more. 

The Dr's are really pleased, though, that the skin on the outside hasn't started to blister and crack yet...we've been using Aveeno extra strength every day a few hours after he's had his radiation and the docs are taking note of this in his charts.  Me, I think it's just God answering all our prayers :)  Overall, they are pleased with his progress so far and tell us he is experiencing exactly the symptoms they would expect at this point in the game.  All these treatments and meds sure take their toll on a person's body though is all sorts of yucky way.

We have radiation all this week, then radiation all next week plus chemo again.  No way it's going to get easier from here on out:( but we're trying hard to keep focused on the end results.

I ended up with a throat infection this week...just run down, I guess.  The emotional and mental strain is draining but I'm trying hard to keep things running smoothly as possible with home, the boys and David.  I know the boys get upset to see their father sit down to a meal and not be able to eat any of it.  

Going back early in the a.m.  Thanks to all my friends who leave comments and prayers:)  I appreciate it so much!!!! I need your support in prayers and thoughts and wishes.  You are all the best!  My family've all been so supportive too...I just don't know what we have have done without you all!! 

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