Sunday, July 3, 2011

A long week

It was a a long week and I'm glad it's over.  David was home Thursday afternoon because of the Canada Day holiday.  We had a great bonfire, fireworks and good company and music Friday night.  It was so good to have fun and do something normal.

David is really starting to feel the radiation side effects.  His throat is very raw and sore.  It is hard to eat but he's a trooper and forcing it down!! I'm so proud of him but it just breaks my heart to see him wince in pain with every swallow.  Every time he yawns or spreads his mouth open too far, the inside of his throat cracks open and bleeds.  He's doing all the things they told him to do to treat it...using his magic mouthwash, club soda, lots of water and tylenol (which in my opinion doesn't seem to do much )

This week he has chemo on Tuesday and radiation Mon to Fri.  I suspect it will be a hard week and I pray he doesn't get the hiccups like he did on the last chemo.  I think the hiccups will just be worse with his sore throat.  Now, we have to really keep our eye and thoughts on the end results, that the cancer will be destroyed and it will all be worth it in the end to be able to have lots more years with our families and each other.

I was one lucky birthday girl this month...I received presents all month long and it's been so fun!  It makes your birthday seem way more special when it lasts all month long LOL!  I think we should make it a new rule!

So, a few more special things from my quilty girls:
 From Doreen...sweet teacup notecards, a homemade dishcloth and my favorite..the cat carrying a basket of kittens :)
 Yummy fabric and a personalized mug from Janet W...digging the mug big time lol!
And from Amanda, who knows I love my coffee and candles...the candle smells absolutely divine!  Thanks so much girls!
I've been working on some wool my hand something to do when I'm with David..
 Whipping up some think you have a lot until you lay them out and realize that it's going to take a ton more to make a penny rug!
Some wool needle cases that just need their wool appliques added the fronts.

Next up, my girls and I are all working on the mystery Bom and we brought what blocks we have done to sewing night so we could start to see how they will look.  I was so inspired and excited to see how different but beautiful they are going to be!
 Two country versions..left side Doreen's, right side Amanda's..the blocks are so much more gorgeous that the photo!
 Two Bali versions...Top Janet W., bottom Janet M.....these are awesome too!
Finally, mine done in the Glace fabric.  We are on block 4...mine's done because I know I won't get near the sewing machine much in the next month.  I have to say...some of these blocks are really have pay close attention to the piecing, color placement and cutting.  Not a beginner quilt!! Happy Stitching,

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