Saturday, June 25, 2011

Week Two Done

26 more treatments to go! Nine down and counting......  It was a long week!  David stayed in Saint John, I worked a couple days, spent one day sleeping and trying to put my brain together so I could at least form one coherent sentence, got my baby ready for college graduation, bought an old car for him to use to get to work and did I mention sleep???

So many things to learn how to do.....I've never bought a car on my own, never had to take care of insurance on my own and all kinds of other things that David has always taken care of.  My head was spinning by the end of the week.  But it all doesn't matter as long as he gets well!!  What ever I have to do I will do!! I am woman hear me roar! LOL!  Oh, I can't believe I just used that line lol~

David had a fairly good week.  The end of the week his jaw was hurting and he had a sore mouth this week.  I can hold my hands out from his head about 6" and the heat that radiates off him is very hot.  This is from the fever, we keep checking. His face and neck are redder like he got a sunburn.  Other than that, his spirits are good and positive, his appetite is back :)

A really wonderful group of ladies from the Woodstock Quilt Guild made him this wonderful quilt which he uses on his bed.  The very first day after he received it, I found him sound asleep under it on the sofa lol!  Thanks so much G8 girls!!
I can't believe our "baby" graduated from college on Friday!  Ethan graduated with honors, has already been hired for a job in his field.  
Our "baby" is 6'5" receiving his honors diploma!!  We're so proud of you Ethan :)
And check out this good looking dude sporting his "new" used his height, cars that will accommodate his long body aren't easy to find or cheap.  He's looking pretty pleased, isn't he :)
And just because he hasn't been on in a while, Misha checking out the new summer quilt.  I really think he's about to fall asleep!

No sewing this week and feeling really dumpy about it.  I wish I had had more energy and more time.  Maybe next weekend...and I really wish the postal workers would stop striking!!!!  Or maybe, they'd like to give up their job so I could take their place at their wages with their benefits~  Happy stitching~

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