Friday, June 17, 2011

A whole bunch of fun stuff!!

With all the rain we've had this spring, I finally got some totally gorgeous blossoms on my flowering crab tree. It was just loaded with these wonderful bundles of pink!

Over the past few weeks, I have managed to get a few little projects made and I've been the happy recipient of some awesome birthday gifts!
 I love this little wool sewing case, a kit I picked up on a shop hop last year.  I did all the applique during one of David's all day appointments in Saint John.  If I made it again, though, I would make it wider, add a flap and turn the applique design around to fit the width.  of course I couldn't stick with the plan lol!
Another quick and easy snap bag, which David has already found a very good home for :)  I just can't seem to stop making these...they're addictive.  The pattern is called Snap Happy.
I have block 3 done for my Designer Mystery BOM...see Thelma!! I'm doing it! :)  I love this's so totally different from any other star blocks I've done.
This is called the 20 minute runner which actually takes only 10 minutes if you don't put any applique on it.  With applique....1 1/2 hours lol!  It found a home for my friend Darcy's birthday.

I was given the most awesome bowl ever made!!  My husband's friend, Rex, makes these beautiful pieces from special hardwoods.  I absolutely LOVE mine and I can't tell you how long I've longed for one of these but never dreamed I would ever have one.  This one is made from Birdseye Maple and the finish is as smooth as glass!  Thank you thankyou Rex!
My sweet friend Mary sent me this perfect red cherries bag made by Cindy, whose blog I can't find right this minute :(  I love my bag and Cindy does lovely work.  My favorite pie in the whole wide world since I was wee little....Cherry Pie!  And my mom is making me one tomorrow...yumyum, can't wait!
I, also, won a free pattern called Flirtations, from Quilt Hollow  a couple weeks ago. Thanks again Mary :)
My friend Janet gave me the nicest china cup with cats on it..I love cats as you all know:), an apple scented candle, some perle cotton and Dove chocolate...which I already ate!  Now you really didn't expect that to last until a photo did you LOL!
My mom gave me the sweet little picture frame.
Look what I got for $3.00!!!! One day this week, while hubby was still feeling pretty good, we went into Quispamsis to visit the Town and Country Quilt Shop.  I got my first piece of French General fabric and a whole yard of Chocolate by Three Sisters.  I tell ya, I couldn't get out of there fast enough cause I was scared Tina would decide she wanted to mark it back up to full price and then because I'd already fallen in love with it....well, you know how the rest of that story would go...

Happy stitching y'all!

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Barb said...

I love your projects...and Cyndi did a fabulous job on your purse, that was nice of Mary to send it to you.

What a haul...great buy on fabrics.