Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tomorrow is Today LOL

Well, I don't know where a week went LOL!  I told you last post that tomorrow I would show you what I made at retreat but tomorrow just kept becoming another tomorrow!  Does that ever happen to you? You have these plans for the next day and one week later, they're still just plans.

While I was away, Mr. RQ recovered my big board ironing board with some absolutely "had=to=have-it"!! fabric that I got on sale 50% off last month at Fabricville.  I absolutely love it...it just "spoke" to me! LOL!
I just love the whole whimsicality of it and I don't know Mary, but I think I see a goat in there! LOL!
Last post I talked about Gerri Richards from Cool Cat Designs and she brought these hand made and locally made pottery mugs to sell and of course, as soon as I seen them, I HAD to have one...cats, afterall...
Iva Thimble gave us all a little giftie and remember, I think she has Avon connections.  Iva must have seen my bathing suit photos because I got
Yep, lol, stretch mark smoother!! LOL!   How appropriate...I'll let you know if if magically transforms my body into that of a goddess!

I took lots of projects with me on retreat but in actuality I only had time to work on 3 of them.  I took 10!  High Expectations, huh!

I had been dying to make the new Snap Happy 2 bag since it first came out.  I made four but only have these two left.  They are bigger than the Snap Happy 1 bags, have a boxed bottom and inside pockets but was still very easy to make :)
 The blue bag is made from Batik fabric...the very first project I have ever made using batik...I was told that once I tried it, I would love it...NOT!   Just does not turn my crank as fabric goes.
This next project was supposed to look like this one at Moda Bake Shop but after a serious cutting error it ended up looking like this.  I mean, I couldn't waste a whole Honey Bun of yummy colors just because of a cutting mistake, right?! LOL! Still, I am very happy with the end result and would make this again hopefully without the cutting error LOL!

Did very little shopping on the retreat.  Just a few Kansas Troubles FQ's to add to my collection....Pretty aren't, they!

Finally, a little peak at Misha's new sleeping arrangement... I had wondered all day where he had gotten off too and when I cracked open the door to the storage room/spare room this is what I found...and he knew!! he was someplace he shouldn't be, the sneaky little furball! LOL!  But, he's kinda cute all snuggled down into a soft pillow so I let it go...pillowcases are washable afterall :)
 The third project I worked on I don't want to show until I get the last little bit of applique done but I will tell you that it's really pretty!
  Happy stitching today!


Barb said...

Can't wait to hear about the retreat....what an eye candy post today....just loved the fabrics and bags...

Riel Nason said...

Ha! It is funny but I don't like batiks either. People often mention them to me assuming they'll be my thing since I like brights, but I really don't think I'll ever be converted.

Quilt Hollow said...

Direct me to where I can pick up a couple of those COOL CATS mugs!!! They are a must!!!!

Oh a new Snap Happy pattern!!! Need to also find that one! I enjoyed the first one so much and kept thinking it needed a boxy bottom.

Misha...adorable....coming from another lover of kitties.

About the GOAT...it isn't time for him yet!

An error in cutting is never known in a pattern until you tell us silly! It looks wonderful!!

Now...don't forget about the Cool Cats!!

Mary Lou Casada said...

If that's what your mistakes look like, then WOW!! You are awesome!! LOL Love those Kansas Troubles! And I'm with you on the batiks. Maybe it's just me, but everything I've ever made of them is ugly to me. And I love the looks of them in the shop...just can't seem to know how to translate that into gorgeous quilts. That's OK! There's lots of other fabric to choose from! :-D
Mary Lou