Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Retreating

Icicles mega sized!  I don't know if you can see the really long one in the corner of the building that comes clear down into the doorway but I must tell is one massive icicle!  The photo doesn't do it justice.  At the top, this icicle measures about 20" around!  If it fell while you were coming out the door, it would kill you...nice thought, eh?  Two hours later, the weather has warmed up alot and it came crashing down breaking into several large pieces.  It's a wonder it didn't break a window!

My quilting buds at the retreat..
 Janet and Jennie...the girls who traveled down with me...this was Jennie's first retreat and boy was she pumped LOL!
 Margie..president of the Keswick Ridge guild and one of our talented teachers at the Christmas Crab Quiltery.  Margie's always laughing LOL!
Jennie showing off her sweet tabletapper..this pattern is from Anka's Treasures Favorites..gggrr..I hate the lighting in this room!

Our second visitor...quilter and designer extraordinaire...Gerri Richards!

Gerri brought us some of her samples and patterns.  It was very interesting hearing about her adventures into designing, getting her name out there, meeting fabric companies, etc.  It is very hard to break into the quilt market world and kudos to her for doing it.  Keepsake Quilting picked up her patterns last year and since going to Houston Quilt Market, demand for her patterns and designs has boomed.  It's wonderful to have such a wonderful designer right here in our own little province! You can check out her designs here and here.  I bought the Bali Bits and Pieces bag is gorgeous!! And it doesn't necessarily have to be made from a Bali pop...I intend to use a Jelly Roll of some Kansas Troubles..more me :) 

Tomorrow, what I made on retreat!   Keep it Simple, Shelley


Quilt Hollow said...

Glad to have you back! Boy this retreat looks fun and so many eye candy photos. The one from Ankas Treasures I made years ago and gifted to a friend...always swearing I would make me one! Never did....thanks for the reminder! LOL

dragonfly gypsy said...

Looks like you are having a great time on retreat. That icicle is amazing I was thinking the same thing about how I wouldn't want to be near the door when it came down!! Regards Sharron

Beginning Quilting said...

I bet you had a great time at the retreat house. I also agree that the icicles were amazing. By the way, I'm loving the patterns of your friends. Really good choice of fabrics! :)

Michele said...

Thanks for sharing the icicle picture! Wow!! Be careful! What fun with friends :)