Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm still alive here at Red Quilts!!  Although, you wouldn't know it by my lack of blogging :(  The shop has been so very busy this past week and I've been too exhausted in the evenings to even put a coherent thought together.  I did get a few sewing hours in on Wednesday and did some hired sewing.  

 A pair of moose theme pillowcases.  Someone will have happy hunting dreams! LOL!
And two "Let It Snow" wallhangings.  The outside words had to be hand embroidered.  I love embroidering!

Winter has arrived with a flourish in our part of the world!  And, no, that's not my house you see but it is for sale and I would love to have a quilter move in!
 On the weekend, it came to me that I hadn't worked on any Bunny Hill blocks lately and come to find out, I was  two months behind!  Bad me!  But, I am caught up now and eagerly waiting for Dec 5 for the last block.  I have my other fabrics picked out and need to start making the setting together blocks for what is going to be the sweetest snowman quilt ever!

 And....since we have snow....and it was that packy, snowman making snow...I decided it was high time to hang up some no-melt snowmen!  This is Leftie and Rightie...a pattern that has been out for a while but is still golden!  My plan is show my collection of snowmen all thru Dec and January. 
So, I'm off to the sewing room to get some prep work done for a mystery class that I am taking tomorrow with Margie Grieve, teacher extraordinaire :)  I am so excited because I LOVE mystery classes!  I signed and paid for this one back in August! so that shows you how much I wanted to take this class!  And it will be a riot of fun!  Hope your day is a Happy Stitcher Day!


paulette said...

I missed you...BUT I can see that you have been busy...and YOU know how I love snowmen!! Yours are adorable! But be warned...snowmen must have SNOW!! I predict record breaking snow for your area..
Take care and hope you have a good shovel!! :o)

Heather said...

Lots of great stuff to share today. Glad I came visiting. I particularly like the moose pillowcases.

WoolenSails said...

Lots of wonderful quilts, love the long snowmen. I have seen those longer ones and would love to do some.


Riel said...

Oh, this is too funny. Great minds think alike! You know how I said my Mom had stopped in the Christmas crab ... well check out the link below to see what she bought and made

The grandson she mentions is my son. I'm sending her your post, she'll get a laugh too! Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love your quilts, great blog!

me ann my camera said...

Hi Shelly, Love your pillowcases! Isn't the moose fsbric great!Yes pretty funny I think for us both to be msking moose pillowcases! I just love the fabric too!No, You didn't wait on me, you were in the back or we would have introduced ourselves as Riel's parents. I remember her telling us about your store when you won one of her fabric give aways. We used to live near Nsackawic several years ago and I still go to Woodstock for doctor's and dentists appointment.I have a dentist appointment at the end of January, so we will drop by again. Thanks for your comment and id'ing the moose fabric origin for me. " Love the store too.