Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today in my world

Craziness!  That's what all my days feel like lately....just plain crazy! Too many things to do, too little time to do them and I'm feeling very stretched.   Now, if only I could get stretched enough that I'd look a lot skinnier LOL!  I figure I would have to be about 7 feet tall though :)!  Darn, there goes that plan flying right out the window! I'm trying out more hours at quilt shop and it's taking a bit getting used to a different routine and being more tired.

Brain dead...that's the other thing I'm suffering these days...with CFS, the more tired I get, the less my brain functions properly :( and that is no fun. People say things to me and I hear them speaking but what they're saying is not really sinking in very well, so then I look really stupid, feel stupid and the whole thing gets quite ridiculous! LOL! I told Mr. RQ last night that he just might as well forget about me ever getting this season's TV programs playing on the right's just not going to happen and besides, isn't that what the guide is for LOL! 

Last night was Girl's Night Out at Janet's and we had a good time sewing, although, now that I think of it, I think I'm the only one who accomplished ANY sewing LOL!  I made this sweet new runner called the 20 Minute Tablerunner, which in between cups of tea, looking at retreat photos, eating the most yummiest squares(Janet, you 're a good cook!) and writing down the recipe, the 20 minutes took me an hour lol but it turned out really cute and I got to use up some older stash fabric! Circa 1999 :) LOL!

Check out those gorgeous poinsettias!  This is one fabric that doesn't even look dated...I could have bought it yesterday.  This next quilt is made by Janet, she's on the right.  She pulled this kit out of her stash last February and finished it up last weekend.  I absolutely love everything about it!  The colors ..the pattern and it looks so like me not her lol!  I've even tried bribery but she won't part with it, darn it!  Guess how long she's had the kit!??  About 6-8 years!!  That's Doreen beside her and the two of them holding up the quilt is about all they accomplished last night LOL!
Off to the sewing room for more relaxation!  Keep your stitching happy!


Andrea R said...

Man, I need to get my head out of work and go to some of the quilt meetings. :D

Or at least bring some of my stuff in to the shop & show it off.

(Can you book sewing time there? Sometimes I just wanna LEAVE the house and spread out and sew somewhere else...)

Linda H said...

How about sharing the yummy Squares recipe with us??

Cyndi said...

Hey Shelley! That table runner is beautiful, and you are right, that fabric looks very current. You just can't go wrong with Poinsettias!



Riel said...

Very pretty runner! Seeing your pics, I really think I need to do a little sew-in at my place! My mom stopped in the Christmas Crab the other day when she was in Woodstock and said it was realy nice! And of course she left with some fabric!!

Quilt Hollow said...

I'm a day late here...did you get a chance to stitch? Slow down..pace yourself....(these are things I say to myself you know)