Monday, June 21, 2010


Good thing I can't get kicked out of blogging for being absent like you do if you are absent from school! I HAVE been busy...I made two bags last week as a custom order. This one I designed...the lady loves moose fabric and these were Bali's with moose on them. I quilted and bound one quilt, also, wrapped it up and gave it away and forgot to take a photo.! Stupid me!

It's grad time and such for most schools. We have two graduating in our family and with Father's day thrown in there, our schedules are crazy. Here is my beautiful niece all fancied up for her first formal! Seems like yesterday I held her in my arms just a few hours old and whispered sweet promises in her ear! She's my Twilight buddy! I don't have girls so I really enjoy spending time with my two nieces. More quilty stuff tomorrow!


Cyndi said...

Love the purse, Shelley! That fabric is really cute and should please your moose-lover customer! And your niece looks beautiful... hope she had a wonderful time at her first formal!



pirate said...

I want to comment on how *beautifully* the dress fits and compliments your niece! So many strapless dress are "crumb catchers" (they pull away or fall away from the chest wall, creating a gap) and that is such an unattractive look. However, your niece's dress fits her *perfectly*, doesn't expose everything to the world and she looks so wonderfully confident!

Aside: what a pleasant surprise to see another "Shelley" who spells the name correctly! :-)

joan said...

Welcome back.. it is a busy time of the year and yes graduations come quickly! But I guess it keeps us young to follow their successes...and be involved in their lives.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Bag darling, and the little graduate is darling.