Monday, May 31, 2010


I shall not drive over pins. I shall not drive over pins. I SHALL NOT drive over pins!! When will I ever learn?? Four pin deaths in the last two hours!! I won't say how many in the last month! This is starting to cost me money since a pack of 25 of my favorite pins cost $6.95.....Look at these suckers LOL! who had the misfortune to come live at my house! I know I am not supposed to drive over them but
I get lost stitching along and forget I am approaching a yield and remove area. I even stuck with the yield yellow hoping that would work but I think I'm a lost cause. And, please, don't write and tell me how much damage I may be doing to my machine! I really can't handle it today LOL! After all, I have four deaths to deal with already......sigh..

Here is the wallhanging I was designing from the Kim Schaeffer fabric. I finished it just a bit ago. The pins didn't die in vain but while bravely helping me in this creation ;)..I love it and plan to write a pattern for the shop. Plus is, any border type fabrics will work!

Does anyone know the name of the fabric line used to make this X-Rated Schnibbles in the new book Schnibbles x Two? I love and would like to make this quilt out of it, too.

Happy quilting!

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Gayle Bong said...

HI Shelley,
Please explain why straight pins were in the way, if you were using a Nolting. Isn't that a longarm? They only time I use straight pins with the long arm is when I am finishing the edges. I'm Not too experienced with the long arm, yet come to think of it a few in the way yesterday may have been a good thing. I was re-quilting a real pouffy quilt from China.