Friday, April 9, 2010

Wonderful world of blogging

Isn't it great when you meet you people, especially people with whom you share common interests. I have met so many beautiful people since I started blogging this year. Mostly people with quilting blogs but there have been others, too. I have had the wonderful opportunity to enter many giveaways, leave lots of comments, have lots of laughs, enjoy daily show and tell, get valuable advice, learn from many tutorials, pick up a few tasty recipies, share in the adventures of some very amusing pets, encourage new steps in quilting, be inspired to start new projects and finish old ones......and all this is the result of wonderful people who blog.

I was recently over to enter a giveaway Gayle Bong's blog. I bought her book Twin Peaks last year and love her piecing method. Now, run on over like good little chickies and enter for your chance to win this book! Tell her I sent you!!!

This is my friend Janet, on the right, holding up a completed 3 year project, a pattern that was 24 pages long, designed by Derek Lockwood. Imagine!!! 3 years and 24 pages! Now that's a true quilter!

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