Friday, April 23, 2010

Martha I'm Not!

the following photos may be shocking and upsetting to some people........

In the past few weeks, I have read several blogs, who will remain nameless because of slander/jealousy issues LOL!, where some really strange quilters have been showing their organized sewing and creating spaces. Everything in it's place, all neat little rows, projects and fabrics all lined up, pretty displays of nifty knicky knacks, new storage cupboards, painted walls, not a thread or scrap of fabric to be seen on any surface anywhere! Truly, very Martha Stewart looking. Well, I don't know where these people (aliens?) came from, LOL, but I am here to show you reality! MY sewing/creating space!

Yes, this is what a real quilter's stash management looks like! Fabric willy nilly, some folded ..some attempt at color matching, some safely on the shelf...some about to fall off.

I did try the folding and color thing once but as soon as I started to pick out fabrics for projects, several pieces of fabric told me they wanted to go play with another so I would have to place it with it's friend. :)

I have a handy little storage bag hanging there to put my cutoffs and trimmings of battings in. When the bag is full, I make a pet bed to donate to the animal shelter fund at our local quilt shop.

Ah, yes, the cutting table. I have two! Lucky me! The one closest is right beside my sewing machine, which doesn't slide down out of sight never to be seen when not sewing, unlike those Other people's. LOL! The last time I saw the complete top of this cutting table was 1994....well, maybe I exaggerate a little...1995. The funny thing is that I use everything on this table every day. And, I figure if I am going to use it everyday, why bother to store it..oops! organize I would just be losing quilting time digging it out all over again! Makes sense, right!

Here's the overall quilt creation area. lovelier than my kitchen storage cabinets, no pretty paint ( see bare insulated wall behind sewing machine), no matching carpet, thread on the floor, quilts waiting to be quilted, empty fabric boards, no pretty displays of sewing related knicky knackys.......Just the quilting room of a busy quilter creating her masterpieces day by day!

Now, I hope I haven't upset too many of the Organized Ones out there..truly, I mean no offense...your spaces and skills to maintain them are amazing...

That being said, I challenge you all to show me your REAL quilting rooms! LOL! Are you a Martha or NOT! Happy quilting,

note***photos are not "touched up" or photo-shopped LOL!

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