Monday, April 26, 2010

Stash Additions or Addictions?

Okay, so you here about someone who is downsizing their stash in MAJOR way....what do you do!? Why add to your stash, of course! LOL! Magazines!! Believe it or not, there are SOME magazines that I didn't have! LOL! Gotta have those...
Some reproductions! I am in LOVE with the two pink ones! They make me think of Freda and I love Freda's fabrics!
Some Fq's in more line with the colors I use.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this little girl!! Yes, I will even buy your cut up scraps! I wish I had more fabrics in colors to go with this!
Birds....I have a birds on fabric's genetic! LOL!
Folk art style cats! I have some of this already and have been picking up more pieces until I have enough for a quilt!

My day was PERFECT! Sshhhhh.....don't tell the hubby I bought someone else's old stuff though! It will ALL be ASSIMILATED by the time he gets home! LOLOL!:)

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