Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Australia, you say?

Misha enjoying the sunlight this afternoon.

Working at a quilt shop, you meet all sorts of nice, interesting, unique people...mostly quilter's, some not. You just never know who might pop in or from where! Yesterday, I met Sharon from Down Under..that's right, Australia and she had her hubby with her! What wonderful people they are, absolutely lovely to meet them! They had found their way to the shop with another funny gal, Nancy, who I had met at quilt retreat in Feb. While Sharon was there, we got to talking about blogging, after we talked quilting, of course, and she mentions her daughter blogs too. I says, really, what's her blog called because I lurk around the Aussie blogs quite a bit, admiring all their lovely applique. Well, come to find out, I had visited her daughter's blog a couple of times before! Go check out Shontelle at Sugarplum Quilts and Sharon! Sharon is a machine quilter extraordinaire!! As in Award Winning! Blogging sure makes the quilting world smaller, eh? I love meeting quilters....they make the bestest friends!LOL

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