Sunday, March 28, 2010

See What I Made!

Yesterday was the Mystery class! We had so much fun! It was Bev's birthday and we had two cakes--one carrot- one lemon- and I can assure you they were BOTH very yummy! We all had to have two pieces because, as you well know, quilt classes can be very exhausting and one must keep up their energy level!LOL

This being a Mystery class, I had no idea what I was going to be making! Just bring fabric was all we had for instructions. Here are the Moda's I brought.
A few clues in and we are doing some decorative stitching! I love this herringbone stitch!
Whoops! A Clue! What oh what can I be making! Still not sure at this point and still several clues left to come yet!
Voila! I LOVE this! A quilter's travel pocket for classes! I had been wanting to make one of these but it was still on my "to do" list!
Here's all the lovelies finished. Can't you tell we all have "country" tastes in fabric! Now, there were lots of other exciting, secret things that went on in class, but I am sworn not to tell on threat of never being allowed to take another Mystery class!LOL And, I'm told, that just because this project was made in THIS class doesn't necessarily mean that it will be the project for the NEXT mystery class!LOL I can tell you we laughed ALOT! We had the best time! Thanks Margie for a lovely day!! Quilt On!

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