Friday, March 26, 2010

Block two

I really meant to take pictures last night!! You see Amanda, who hosted, made this really yummy snack, a cold veggie pizza thingy, and I was hungry.....then, she gave us a tour of her house which gobsmacked me, because she is living in MY house or at least the house of my dreams!LOL One word--Country Sampler dream!! Love it Amanda and you too, of course. Now with all this going on, how could I be expected to remember to take photos! LOL
Missed you Darcy!

Here is Block two of my spring quilt. Peaches, pinks and two greens. I am taking a mystery class tomorrow and I love mysteries! I have to pick out 4 FQ's that I love together plus fusible fleece or firm fusible interfacing. Now, I thought I would try the interfacing for a change, but after three different stops, nobody carries it! Not even Walmart! Sometimes, small town shopping sucks! But I suppose I should be thankful because I didn't have an armpit cancer scare like Kim did! LOL You gotta go read Kim's blog today! Happy Stitching!

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