Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, Monday..

Block 3 of my spring quilt. Like this one lots because it has red! I was drawn to this jelly roll, Mill House Inn, because of the red fabric in the line. I am hoping to find more of it on line to frame the blocks.

Lying awake in bed last night, which unfortunately is not an uncommon experience, my wandering mind was going fun and crazy places, re-inventing or maybe that should be inventing, job titles for quilter's! LOL For instance, on a job resume, one might not get much interest from employers if you state you were a quilter. So, I decided my new title should be Creative Fabric Management Specialist! Much more intriguing and sounds like something VERY IMPORTANT!

Here are a few more:

Machine quilter: Textile Embellishment Analyst ; Quilt Teacher: Director of Textile Management Usage and Reduction; Quilt Shop Owner: Quality Textile Importer/Controller OR Textile Addiction Therapist ;Shop Clerk: Co-ordination Advisor; Hand Piecer/Quilter: Historical Textile Manipulation Specialist; Quilting Friend: Textile Accumulation Advisor/Enabler; Guild President: Director of Textile Usage in Modern Times Committee. LOL! Isn't it so much fun to re-invent oneself!

Misha was feeling very sociable the other day and "permitted" me to take this lovely, cute closeup of him! In fact, I was able to get several photos and will share them another day.

Happy Quilting,

Creative Fabric Management Specialist!

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