Monday, March 15, 2010

Schnibbling Along...

Are you frugal? Do you like to squeak out every bit of usage from something? Me, I'm wired that way; and, no matter how hard I try, I always seem to revert to mentally dissecting every piece of fabric--do I throw it out or can I get something more out of it. That's probably why I end up with too many useless scraps!LOL Take for example those little triangle pieces that most normal people would trim off and toss. Sounds great! In theory...I, however, cannot bring myself to do that. The latest Schnibble's calls for squares sewn on the diagonal and trimmed. Mind you, it only leaves about a half inch piece to be trimmed. Normal people should stop reading here....for the rest of us....LOL!

I am compulsive about sewing another generous 1/2" past the first sewn diagonal line. Why, so that I can work that fabric to death is why!!LOL

Then I cut between the two sewn lines like so....and end up with all these HST's that measure about 1". I know, you have decided by this time that I am insane! What on earth will she do with these pieces! Well, you will have to wait and see!

See this pile....all my Roundabout blocks pieced! And it only took two hours for the actually piecing! That's because I didn't breathe the whole time!LOL

I discovered a long time ago that I tend to hold my breath while I am piecing because I get so excited and so focused! Odd, eh? So I try to play music that I can sing along to while I piece ...that way I keep breathing normally. Or semi-normally anyway.!

Here is Roundabout all up on my design wall. No more sewing on it until later as my afterschoolers will be tumbling through the door anyminute! I love this Bar Harbour by Minick and Simpson! And I know it will look even better with the borders on.

Happy Schnibbling All!
However, I figure if I paid a lot of money for my fabric, I should get my money's worth, right?????

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