Friday, March 12, 2010

Strange Day....

I can't get enough of these placemats! I love making them and love using them. I thought I had enough fabric for four but ended up with only two, so these will have to be for "Date Night" dinners! LOL Finished these two from my UFO pile today.

I have my Round aBout Schnibbles all cut out and have started piecing the blocks. Lots and lots of chain piecing :)! I can hardly wait to see what the first blocks will look like!

A couple of wierd things happened to me today. Well, maybe not wierd, but definitely unusual...first, another car ran into my car when I was backing out of my parking space today, no damage done, but my first fender bender since I got my license 25 years ago and I was not at fault so it really doesn't count, right!? LOL! Then, at the copy store, I experienced my first stranger RAK. The lady who was taking up alot of the clerk's time paid my 30 cent bill..I only had a $10 on me...she said "life's too short, keep your ten, it's on me." Wow! I thanked her muchly and left happy!

To those looking for new and unusual news, tough luck:) Ha! Yeah, you know who you are!LOL

Happy Day, y'all!

PS: yes, the other car DID have a driver....:)

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