Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lovin' Every Minute of It!

Whew, another busy day here at Red Quilts! I made up some placemats from Tuscan looking fabric for the shop and wrote up a free pattern to make them. They turned out really nice and I may have to make some for my patio!:) I call the pattern Tuscan Summer Placemats. You can get it free at our local quilt shop when you purchase the flower fabric.

The other day my SIL brought over some some really bright fabrics and wants me to make her another Charm Party tote bag from it. I love working with fabric I would never choose for myself. I get to play and have fun without any cost to me!

Here is the bag finished. It turned out really nice but the light green is really vibrant lime green! There is lots of fabric left and her daughter wants me to make her a bag for her birthday in May, so that gives me lots of time to find a different pattern. She want something smaller and not so patchworky...

I treated myself the other day and bought the newest edition of Quilter's Newsletter mag. I loved the spring colors on the front cover and wish I had the patience to make this quilt but it is way to much applique to hold my interest. The parts I like the best are the spikey stars and the bright spring colors. Then, because I bought the mag at the local pharmacy, I also got some Lip Smackers Juicy Blooms in orange. It's tastes just like Orange Crush soda pop!LOL I put it on every chance I get. I guess I am ready for spring and some color!

Speaking of all families have one of these!LOL You know, the photo goof!! The one of whom you can never get a decent photo of because they are constantly goofing off for the camera! Meet our families said person. Last night we had a birthday party for my SIL and this little fart was being his usual self!LOL
I have been busy cutting more scraps for my Scrap Therapy. I totally missed cutting up the beiges/whites drawer! Can't imagine how I did that! Must have something to do with absent mindedness or old age maybe!LOL I find myself so busy these days that I have resorted to again making lists! I love lists, I love making them, looking at them, I love crossing off an item when it's done! Lists make me happy! Easy to please, aren't I!:) My Scnibbles is pieced and ready to quilt. I really love it, too.
I love making miniature quilts, doing the piecing by hand whenever possible. I try to have one cut and ready for summer hand piecing on the patio when it is too hot to do any other sewing. Last week, I cut out 100 mini fan blades to make a small Grandmother's Fan quilt, only I couldn't wait until summer and started piecing last night --TV work. Keeps my hands busy and out of trouble, like looking through all my books, magazines and patterns, finding
another project to start!LOL or even worse, browsing the quilting catalogues and making up "pretend" orders! When I was little, my friends and I would spend hours pouring over the Sears catalogue making up "pretend" orders of all the things we would buy when we grew up, became fabulously successful and rich, LOL, and able to buy whatever our hearts desired just because we could. Did you ever do that? Yep, life's good this week and I'm lovin" every minute of it!LOL Happy Stitching!

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