Monday, March 22, 2010

Manic Mondays!

Geez Louise! Remember the song "Just another manic Monday"? I am beginning to see a trend here concerning MY Monday's. I seem to "lose" all my Monday's lately. They are crazy, busy days with too much urgency, to many things on the "do today!" list, and too little time! And none of it quilt related!:( The cat is always maniacally crazy on Monday's, almost as if he has rested the weekend just to let it all loose on Monday am. By 3pm, I am feeling like pulling my hair out, which might not be a bad idea for the gray ones!LOL Tuesday's are spent at the quilt shop, so it's Wednesday before I feel like I can start to make something of the week, just in time to realize Friday is right around the corner! Good thing I have quilting to take my mind off things, right!LOL Happy quilting,

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