Thursday, March 11, 2010

I've Been Schnibbled!!

I've been SCHNIBBLED! LOL! Oh, my gosh, I couldn't stand it ANY longer! All you guys were having so much fun without me...Mary was giving me an apoplexy every time she posted hers! ....I just HAD to jump on the Schnibbles train!!! TOOT! TOOT! My pattern and charm packs came today and since tonight is Girls Night for sewing, I will be starting it there! I am making it from Bar Harbour, which is absolutely to die for gorgeous! Can you see my tongue hanging out with the drool running down my chin!LOL

Yesterday was a looonnnggg day...the quilt shop I visited had absolutely nothing new since I was there last, which was several months. Gotta keep it fresh or we buy somewhere else! I recently changed OPS on my computer and now I can't find a blog that listed all the recently posted tutorials from other sites. Sound familiar to anyone??If it rings a bell, drop me a line to tell me where it is because I really miss it!:( Now I am off to start Schnibbling...:) Wish me luck! LOL

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