Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm in Therapy!

Yes, it's true...I'm in therapy. There are some that will probably say I should have been there along time ago. They say the first step in therapy is to admit you have a problem. So, here it is, my confession--I'm a non-cutter! So, I have started therapy to help me overcome this huge obstacle in my life. SCRAP THERAPY that is! LOL!

Scrap Therapy is a new program at my local quilt shop. I attended my first therapy session this week. Come to find out, I am not the only non-cutter in my area! We had a ball!! Scrap Therapy first helps us to recognise that we don't have to feel guilty anymore about all that fabric that is sitting on our shelves or scrapboxes, unused, uncut, unloved. It shows us how to take that fabric weight sitting on our shoulders, bogging us down and turn it into something useable! I loaded up my bag with fabrics that had been sitting on my shelf for more years than I care to say and headed off to my session. That's when the real therapy began with the first rotary cut into the fabric! Wow, what a feeling it was, what a rush!! Be stil my beating heart!LOL! Suddenly, that ugly wasn't so ugly anymore. Dated fabrics took on a whole new look once they were cut! And it felt so good to be doing Something with all that fabric.! Plus, we get a cool button and containers to organise all the cut fabric.

Here is just a sampling of what I cut at my first therapy session. I have lots more to continue cutting before my next session. There's always homework when you are in therapy!
I, also, discovered this great new Qtool. It's similar to the glow tape except that it is thicker and goes on the bottom of the ruler. The wonderful thing I like is how the strip, because it is thicker, butts up against the fabric for a more accurate cut; and, if a tool works and makes my job easier, I'm all about buying that tool. Happy quilting everyone!

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