Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Feeling Red

Good morning my little chickiepoos! The projects I have been working on the past few days have been with mostly scraps and I am in "red" deprivation so today I am having a RED DAY. My cup of joe in my fav red polka dot mug, my red socks, wearing my red snowflake apron and this red project which I WILL finish piecing today!

I worked at my local quilt shop yesterday where we added 200 new bolts of fabric to the shelves! Whew! It looks so great and handling all those lovelies sure gets you in the mood to sew!
My mind was bursting with new ideas!

It's my turn to help out with guild program in March so I have been busy piecing this little miniature. The rails are cut 1" and finish at 1/2". The block finishes at 1 1/2"! This was so fun! I just used scraps. Speaking of scraps--I am in therapy now but I will post more about that later!LOL

Just a tip about making miniatures. When you use such tiny pieces and press them over, the seam allowances start getting very close together. At some point, you have to start pressing the connecting seams open to reduce the bulk and allowing the finished top to lay flat. This, also, helps reduce thickness when you start the quilting. You can see at the stiletto point where I have pressed open the seam that joined two rows of blocks together. When you stitch the miniature blocks, use a tiny 2.o stitch length. Then, when you have to press open seams, you know they are NOT going to be weakened. Also, the small stitch length keeps the blocks from unstitching when you are subcutting strip sets into smaller blocks.

Here we are with the final borders on--the whole thing measures about 9 1/2" x 13. Isn't it sweet! And it only took 2 hours start to finish! Think how many quilts we could make if they were all miniatures. Have a great day and blessings!

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