Friday, January 8, 2010

Wool Applique

I've been plugging away at this folk arty wool project over the Christmas holidays. I wanted something to work on in the evenings that didn't involve the sewing machine. I am really liking this one but it has something like 32 leaves to applique on!! I will be a few more nights before this one's done. There are still more berries to add, his feet need claws and I want to add some beading also. I will be making it into a pillow when it's done.

When the girls were over sewing the other day, Da. was working on sewing this wool applique that she had completed into a pillow. Isn't is just gorgeous! This was a free pattern over on All People quilt and it finishes at around 22" square!
I love the colors! Working with felted wool is so cool as it doesn't fray and is so portable. Have a great day!

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