Monday, January 11, 2010

My Challenged Brain

This year our guild is revisiting projects it has done in the past to celebrate our 10th year. One of the past projects was the Paper Bag Challenge, which for this time has been changed to the Coffee Can Challenge. Same idea, different container. The can is given to some willing person who wants to be challenged. This time it was me. What is in the can? Well, some fabric and some beads. Some really "out of my comfort zone" fabric!! I can't show you, not until the challenge is complete. Suffice it to say, that when I opened the can, I said 'YIKES!" The challenge is to take these supplies, perhaps add some of mine own, and create something quilty in time for guild meeting next month. So that doesn't give me alot of time as it is already the 11th of the month!

Almost every time I sit down to sew, my brain-the creative part-goes into overdrive! Seriously, it is hard to concentrate on the task at hand because my mind keeps interrupting me. I have to keep pencil and notebook close by to "download" all the thoughts and ideas spilling out. Does anyone else have this problem? It's like the task of sewing unleashes my creativity. Don't get me wrong-I enjoy having the creative gene but sometimes it just gets in my way! Occasionally, it would be nice to just have the relaxation of continual piecing and pressing, to sew and think about nothing but the process. Mostly, these ideas just remain words or sketches on paper, sometimes they become actual projects. I just wish I had the choice of when they needed to be "let out" so to speak. When my brain is on overdrive, I make more mistakes, unstitch alot, reread directions alot, and don't get much accomplished. Is this an ailment of all creative people? Are people who are not as creative get more done? All I know for sure is that it is a good thing that I have lots of pencils and notebook!

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