Friday, January 8, 2010

Friends and Mark Lipinski

Friends were over for a day of sewing! I have such great friends--they even let me feed them!LOL! And, yes, they're still alive to tell the tale! Where would we be without friends to share our lives with? Where else can we be our nutty selves without fear of judgement but with our friends? Where else could we feel free to steal/beg/borrow fabric but from our friends!LOL Yes, these kind of friends are a great blessing! D. was making the star blocks for a challenge in the guild and it's going to be beautiful when it's done. She is surrounding each block with scrappy strips which I really like!

Small return only from the shopping trip! Selection was a bust! I really think they take the good stuff, put in out back somewhere, then put out a truckload of stuff they brought in to get rid of on the "SALE". This is way I try to buy from independent quilt shops. I should have known better! I did pick up my favorite quilt mag--Quilter's Home! I love Mark Lipinski's forthrightness-=I know, he removed his name from the title, but he is still writing articles for it. If you've never met Mark and have the chance. GO! He's a hoot! I've nicknamed him "My Little Owl"! Mark understands the need for cute "titles"! Go say HI! to Mark.

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