Monday, January 18, 2010

How Much is Too Much?

Two different guild members asked me on Saturday "How many projects do you have on the go?" This seems to be one of those questions that I am asked alot. Same as the question "How much stash do you have?"Currently, I have 9 WIPS( works in progress). That means I am working on 9 different quilt things at the same time. Well, not the SAME time, I would need more heads and arms for that but I do rotate the projects daily and even hourly. Most days, I work on 3 different projects. They are not UFO's because they have never been set aside for a period of time then dug out, looked at guiltily and finished. This got me to thinking How Much is Too Much? For me, I have never been a "do one project and focus on it until it is finished" kind of person. Some people are and that's okay but I have always been a multi-tasker and it seems the older and more experienced I get, the better I multi task. I cannot for the life of me imagine doing things any other way. This is how I am wired. I have tried to just work on one project at a time but found it way too boring. I will admit that 9 projects is pushing my limits and can, at moments, if I allow myself to lose focus, be a bit overwhelming. But I do like to be challenged! And this way, I get alot accomplished! I don't set strict deadlines for alot of my projects as I don't want to sacrifice quantity for quality and my number one rule is that I must be enjoying the process of the project. As for how much stash do I have--well I have enough to keep 9 projects on the go concurrently plus enough more to be planning the next nine! LOL

How Much is Too Much?----I don't know, I haven't reached that point for me yet. And yes, I do have a life outside the quilt room! LOL!

How Much is Too Much for you?

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