Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crazy 24 Hours!!

You're staying up HOW LATE? To SEW!!??? Are you NUTS! What about me? How will I ever get any sleep if you're not in bed with me? Mummy, I am seriously worried about this plan of yours.....please, rethink it! Misha was very concerned!

It's been a crazy busy 24 hours here at Red Quilts! The were a lot of pieces to this pattern and they were really odd shaped.
So here I have all the pieces fused onto the fabric ready to cut. I use the donut hole method for fusing because it really makes the centres softer and easier to stitch through. The directions with this pattern are awful! It's a good thing I have some experience and can know how it should go. A beginner would be lost doing this pattern.

I have it all cut out and fused on. Now the job of machine appliquéing the pieces. That will take up most of an afternoon as long as I don't have any interuptions. He turned out really nice. You can probably tell from the fabrics that this is an older kit but better late than never! The poor reindeer looks like he's part cowpoke! I was going to make his legs straighter but decided it gave him character! LOL!

Today was a guild work day and I had promised to teach someone paper piecing. I dug out some old patterns I had laying around and I think she's got the hang of it. It's been a while since I have done any teaching and like anything you don't do constantly, it took me a while to get my groove back. I worked on some paper pieced heart blocks for myself. I am loving the reds and yellow, a favorite combination of mine. I also won a door prize!... two FQ's and some new needles. Then, I came home and made some yummy killer chili and went to my BIL's birthday party. Yummy, my belly's full and I'm too tired to sew any more tonight. Hopefully, we're off tomorrow to the city for some shoe shopping! I love shoes....maybe I'll be lucky and find some red ones! What a great sew-in!

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