Monday, January 27, 2014

THE Accounting..confession time lol

More Snow! I think they have less snow at the north pole than we do here. I like snow, but really, this is beginning to get ridiculous lol.

Well, a new year is a good time to take an accounting of things in your life, of stuff you carry around emotionally, physically, and, wait for it.... the sewing/storage room. The other stuff usually takes care of itself in time but nothing changes in the "ROOM" until you physically go in there and do something about it. And mine, needed some weedin and since I don't garden (hubby does that task)it hasn't been weeded in a while. Have I mentioned I hate weedin. I'm not what you'd classify as a hoarder ..more like thrifty, may need that sometime, and I paid good $$ for that so I am obligated to save it until I use it lol!

This weedin started a few weeks ago with  uncovering the yarn that I used up for the school scarves. The next buried project I will call the "nine year sock" :) notice I say sock..not socks lol.
I started to knit this sock NINE years ago when this fancy sock yarn come out. The first sock turned out to look like something that would fit an elephant's foot. frustrated, i threw it back in the bag and there is sat for 6 years. Then,two years later, feeling guilty of course, I dug it back out, unraveled it all and started again...with the correct size needles:) I knit enough to turn the heal and knit about 2 inches, then my wrists started bothering me, so i tossed it back into the bag and into storage room it went again. Two weeks ago,year nine, i dig it out, determined to conquer the beastly thing. After all, I couldn't throw it had to be completed and that is exactly what i did. One sock down and the other one halfway done. Another UFO to mark off my list. Another weed out of the "Room". Thank heaven's my feet haven't grown any in nine years...just sayin..  ;) as other parts seem to have grown lol.

Now, confession time..I counted all my unquilted quilt tops and I have 35 of them...YEP..and I own a quilting machine LOL! I counted 5 projects that need to be finished, piecing wise. I did not count how many "want to do but not yet started" projects that are waiting in the wings...afterall, I didn't want scare myself.

And, this does not count the other, as yet uncovered things in the storage room that need to be used know, like those old bottles that can be tinted for candles for your front yards and decks, and that pile of old hankies that I've been collecting to use "someday" in "something", the antique children's book with pictures so adorable they need to be printed onto fabric and made into a quilt, the metal sign that needs an old quilt piece glued to it so I can hang it as art.....well, YOU know :)  This year is my year to conquer this stuff, to my weedin, one project at a time. Can anyone relate???

I did reduce the unquilted tops by one. This quilt hanging was a shared project by my mother and I. My mom does the most amazing embroidery work you will ever see. Think PROFESSIONAL quality! She did the stitching and I did the rest. Even put an antique button from grammie's button bag as the centre of one of the flowers. Now it's finished and when spring finally does arrive, up on the wall it will go :) Thanks Mom :)BTW, this project was ready to be quilted 5 years ago and, imagine, I still had fabric in my stash that matched to complete the binding! Now that's hoarding lol!


Shelley said...
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Shelley said...
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Sara said...

It always feels good to do that actual "weeding" even though it's hard to get started. That wall hanging is very pretty and it has a touch of 3 generations - how wonderful is that!

QuiltSue said...

As you said, what a good job feet don't grow - unlike my waistline over the years, I can still fit in the same size shoes as when I was 20!

Darcy said...

Wow. 35 unfinished quilt tops? Now I don't feel so bad! :)