Monday, January 13, 2014

Just crocheting..Charity Blessings

A wonderful sunny day FINALLY here in western new brunswick..not torrential rain or blizzards on today's forecast :)

for those who commented on my last post, I apologize for not responding..problems with my blogger account and it is now fixed..crossing fingers.

I learned last year to crochet the zigzag afghan pattern from a friend and made a "hope chest" baby size one(that's in the "hope"that someday I have a grandbaby lol). Then last week, i was going thru my leftover yarns, not much mind you, and decided to use the pattern to make some scarves for the local school. the weather has been so cold and many kids come with not enough outdoor protection so the school is always thankful for donations of any kind. so, I whipped up several of them and the elementary teacher who lives next door to me was happy to have them. They only took a couple of evenings to keep my fingers busy and it was nice to get the yarn out of my stash and nice to know they were going where they were needed.

Don't know what to do with all those paperback novels after you've read them? We donate ours to the local cancer centre in our area, they are always looking for donations for the patients.

It is a blessing for me to be able to help out and I am thankful for the opportunity to do these two things. I encourage you all to take time today to think about how you could help out..I promise, you will be the one feeling blessed.  And it doesn't have to be costly as you can see, I just used things that were hanging about my house unused anyways.

Happy Stitching and God Bless:)


Quilt Hollow said...

I'm at cancer center today and scrounged around for used magazines of interest. I brought my iPad. It's a great idea to donate books I'm thinking magazines too.
Hope all is well...glad you get a better weather day finally.

Heather said...

HI Shelley, great to suggest donated used books and magazines as well at the cancer centre. When dad was ill, we took as many as we found at home. Now mom continues to donate books as she attends various appointments.
I like that crochet stitch. It makes up a pretty scarf that looks like it will sit nice around the neck.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Great idea to donate books. Love your crochet work.

Michele said...

How nice of you to donate them :-)

Rebana Jepara said...
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