Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Stuff!

I really out to be taken out and horsewhipped with a wet noodle (I'm such a whimp :) for not blogging for so long. I am tired of missing out on all the fun stuff and tired of being too tired to blog!  But, I'm not giving up!  More discipline, yep, that's what I need....or maybe a secretary/personal assistant, how about a housekeeper, and yeah, a massage therapist that makes house calls! LoL!

I really should not complain because Mr. RQ is a such a big help!  I couldn't do this machine quilting business without him! I knew it was going to be a great adventure and I'm loving every minute of it.  Just need to schedule in "ME" time when I still have the energy for "ME" :)

Now, some fun stuff!  Easter we spent with our sons, ate lots of homemade lasagna and salad and pie!  Easter Bunny brought Star Wars lunch boxes for each.  I've been told "You're NEVER too old for Star Wars" memorabilia! Seeing as they've been watching it since like they were 3 years!

 Love this funky child's quilt I quilted a week ago.  I did a free motion Peaks and Valley's design on it which I think really worked with the Zig Zag of the piecing.
I attended a huge Gathering of the Quilt Guilds last weekend! Seen a ton of new this place mat and bowl made by wrapping fabric strips around cotton clothesline, then sewn together using the Zig Zag stitch on your sewing machine...have to make some of these!
 Love this pineapple quilt!! The lady who teaches the class turns out to be someone I know, so you can be sure I'll be calling her :)
 The Jelly Roll Race quilt......Now, I want to know why no one out there has every told me about this quilt!!! Seriously fun quilt to make!  I made one yesterday, just have to get borders on it :)  I'm not going to tell you how relaxing it was to just sit and sew on this quilt...I didn't race so it took me 3 hours of quiet sewing :)
 Loved this wool appliqued table topper.  It would measure about 18-20" in diameter.  Anyone ever seen a pattern for this one?
 And last, but not least, Misha....relaxing with family during a double birthday party last weekend.  That's exactly how I felt by Sunday night lol!
Happy Stitching and God Bless!


HeatherO said...

Hey Shelley (and Grace) I was really pleased to see that you put my bowl and placemat on your blog. I didn't use clothesline, I used hot pads from Dollarama. They are easy to take apart,cheaper and more readily available than clothesline. A 3-point zigzag works best for me.

Barb said...

Well...I have been a bad blogger myself so don't feel bad...just glad you popped in with all the fun things you showed today.

Heather said...

A personal assistant and a housekeeper would go over well here also.\

my daughter firmly believes that you can't have too many Dora and Hello Kitty Lunch bags. She is 16 and uses one every day.

Michelle May said...

Misha just makes me laugh so much! That cat has incredible personality! LOL!!!!
The wool applique is totally cool...but not as cool as Misha.
Just say'in.