Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's Make a Deal!

 Remember the show "Let's Make a Deal"? I don't know if it's still on or not, I just remember it being very stupid seeing people in all those weird get-ups....Well, I made a deal a couple weekends ago!  The deal was I gave the shop lady $30 and she gave me 20 Moda FQ's lol!  That made them $1.50 each and I was saying "oh, yeah, babies, come to momma!" :) Not going to talk about the little elbow nudging that was going on around the FQ bin, nope, know nothing, seen nothing...not me! LOL!

"Oh, yes, come to me my precious"...ooops, wrong show!  Anyway, are they not just so yummy!

 I have this quilt finished, a UFO marked off my list!  It's a Disappearing Nine-Patch made with a charm pack.  I had to add 3 extra of my squares to go with the 42 charms in order to make it work but you'd never know.  I love making this quilt scrappy style because it's just a surprise each time what it's going to look like. 
Speaking of making a deal, I know of a wonderful giveaway going on over at The Threaded Moose. Janet has designed a new paper piecing pattern and is offering two chances to win a copy! She's new to blogging so make sure you follow her cause she's a hoot!  Her life would make the best book and would be probably be called "Raising a Kid Redneck Style!" or something along that line.  When we get together to sew, we all get a good laugh at the antics of her son :) 

I had time today to visit all my bloggy buddies and wow, there are some really nice projects going on!

Happy Stitching and God Bless!


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

mmmmmmmmmmm very nice!! the quilt and the FQs lol

beaquilter said...

I bought a FQ bundle with your top fabrics too once and used my isosceles Go! die and made a scrappy quilt, it turned out FUN! nice disappearing nine patch too btw...

Michelle May said...

You are so darn funny! LOL!!

The Mayo Family said...

Very nice fabric and what pretty colors!!:):)
Cute quilt as well.....:)

Have a great night!

Karen said...

A bargain at $1.50 for a fat quarter. Some shops are charging around the $3 range now.

Janet said...

Thanks for plugging my blog!! I somehow missed this post!! That description suits me to a T