Saturday, March 24, 2012

Winner & Show&Tell

Wow! That was an exciting week of reading all your blog comments on what your favorite on-line quilt shops were>I still haven't visited them all but there was definitely quite a tie between Fat Quarter Shop, Green Fairy, and Connecting Threads.  Then, there were all the new ones I had never heard of before :)  Isn't Whittles such a cool name for a shop lol!

Oh! I suppose you would like to know who gets all that lovely fabric lol!  Gave the old wheel a big spin (picture Jeopardy or The Price is Right) and it landed on  ........

                                                             Hearts Desire!
Sending you off an email!  This is my very first Canadian winner and congratulations!
Been busy this week working on quilts...okay, playing on quilts because it really doesn't seem like work at all :)  I can hardly settle down at night and can't wait to get up in the morning.  Hubby has set down the law--no machine quilting in the middle of the night..bummer lol! Good ole Misha keeps me company every day in the quilting room.  I'm beginning to think he believes I can't quilt without him.  Yesterday when I was stopped the quilting machine, he got right down, came over under the machine, looked and meowed as if to say"What's wrong? What did ya stop for?"
 Here is, at last, my quilt with all the people that were in my head. Real quilter's will understand that that doesn't mean I'm crazy lol!  It's finally finished!
 You've met Henri and Miss Peeps.  Let me introduce everyone else.  This is Penelope...she's the neighbourhood Guardian Angel.
 Gertie, she represents all the children in the neighbourhood..
 Stell, she's the neightbourhood Miss Prim and Proper who shows up unannounced for tea and the white glove inspection..

 Suely, Henri's "spinster and a little of kilter" sister...
 Ruby, represents all the Mom's who have to work outside the home, that's why she looks so sad...
 Nora, the grandmotherly neighbour of the hood, in who's yard all the children come to play and she ALWAYS has fresh homemade cookies to hand out...
 This top was one I've had for a long time.  It came as a kit of precut squares as a retreat gift.  I added the daisies and it was the first quilt I quilted on Grace. 
 Just did some simple stippling as I was using this quilt to get my tension set right for the thread I use.  I just love it and the colors are so much prettier than the photos.
Happy stitching and God Bless!


Quilt Hollow said...

Congrats on tackling that tension! It is ALWAYS an issue when first getting acquainted with your longarm. Trust me..I know!!! love your stitchery quilt and am thinking....why not do a BOM in blogland with that?!!! Or...what are the plans for your pattern?

Anne said...

You keep good company in your head. Darling redwork peeps.

WoolenSails said...

Love your angel quilt, fun characters and wonderful quilt.


Sherryl said...

Oh thank you for sharing your new quilt with Henri and the girls. I adore it!