Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Do you ever wonder why some days you just wake up and are going about your day  and,then, with no warning, get yourself in a pickle?  You wish you could press a button and have a do-over or something, like maybe physic abilities.  But then, I guess we wouldn't be human, would we; subject to all the things that are not in our control.

Mary asked me the other day to show what I'd been up to.  Now, I WISH I had a whole pile of really interesting things to show and talk about but I have only a few :(
I did make a fast baby quilt a week ago for a very special mommy-to-be.  Somehow, the baby shower date just came so much quicker than I expected lol!
And, I did the old wrap the gift before you get a picture of it thing so I ended up having to take the photo after the baby shower.  I used EQ7 to design my paper pieced sailboats and I used super easy Thangles to make my pinwheel blocks.  I put Snuggle's on the back and it quilted up so nice.  I love Snuggle's way better than the Fireside or Minkee.  It's so super soft and you can buy this yummy stuff at The Christmas Crab Quiltery in my home town.

Then, I have been slowly working on this times 5--
boxes and boxes of yard sale stuff. I am doing a major purge and some days, I think it would be just easier to call the garbage man than have to go thru it all.

Lastly, yesterday and today, I made pickles.
Million Dollar Mustard Pickles....I think they call them that because it costs so much to make them even if you grow your own cukes and then they take two days to make but I'm sure they'll taste yummy in a few months.

That's about all I've been doing besides getting rest and recovering from the stressful summer.  David went back to work last week but he is coming home very tired and I know it will take a while longer before he's got his full energy back.  We go for  PET scan next week and then get some preliminary results the following week.  Soon it will be time for more birthdays and Thanksgiving and , dare I say it!, Christmas LOL!

Happy Stitching!

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