Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Day to all!!

Oh my gosh have all touched our hearts so much here with your comments.  It's means so much to have your prayers and so much to have you all lend your online support!

First, Mr. RQ's name is David.  He was so touched by the response I had to my post. He wants me to tell you all that it meant so much to him to know that you were praying and ready to listen to me no matter what I wrote.  We were both overwhelmed by all the kindness and support you have offered us..


You know something...when people say they are praying for you or will pray for you...I want you all to know that I can tell when the praying is going on.  Now, I'm not talking science fiction here but
well,  I get calmer for one thing, like a peace settling over me...whatever you are's working
also, Dr.'s start calling and things start rolling along ahead of schedule...that's gotta be your prayers working..
 So please keep praying and thanks so much for your prayers!!!

Today is Mother's Day and I want to wish all women, Mother's and non- Mother's, much blessing and happiness today!

Some recent projects:
 This fabric makes me happy.  I used it in a recent Schnibble's (which I can't get a photo of right this minute) and was just so yummy.  It's called Martinque from moda.
 This a sweet quilt done by a friend Christine in 1930's reproduction fabrics. She rounded the corners of her quilt which made for more difficult quilting but I loved it when it was done!  I didn't want to give it back LOL!
 This is one my design wall right now.  Using charm packs from Benartex's Nancy Halverson lines.
 This is my Star in a Star quilt that I pieced about 4 years ago from fabric I had laying around for 6 or 7 years and couldn't figure out what to do with them.  Then, when we got the Millineum long arm at work, I put it on and finally quilted it!  That makes 17 tops, 1 done and 16 to go! I hope I'm never caught up lol! 
Tuesday we head out to see a radiation doctor and a chemotherapy doctor.  It's frustrating because we haven't even seen an oncologist yet and here they are sending us to these dr's.  I hope we get some answers on Tuesday!


Michele said...

Many blessings and happiness to you and David! Looks like you have some nice projects to work on. You all will be in my prayers :-)

Betty Lou said...

Just remember, blogger are a force to be recond with and when you get them all praying--------that's power! Give David a big hug from all of us.

Winona said...

Hi Shelley. I am still praying for you both. Give each other a hug today. Blessings and a happy day to you too! Winona

Keith said...

Love and prayers to you both. Keep us posted on David's progress and give him an extra big hug from us.

Rosa Robichaud said...

And sometimes people didn't find the time to post on your blog but nevertheless, found the time to pray.

I'm one of them.


Hugs and prayers sent your way.

Rosa Robichaud
Saint John, new Brunswick

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Hi Red, I just got back home after traveling to visit my dear aunt with cancer. Yes, it is a terrible, scary disease, hers has metastasized and we are all hoping for a miracle. I'll add your DH to my prayers and hope that you get the answers you need on Tuesday. Start a notebook so you don't forget any questions. My sweet aunt has a binder already, she always asks for a copy of her labwork and the Dr's staff has been very good at explaining what the tests mean. Y'all can beat this!! {hugs}

Darlene said...

That dang "C" wreaks havoc and creates challenges but the power of prayer will help. Still praying for you, David and yours!

Quilt Hollow said...

Big smiles here to see you this evening here!
Let me know how things go this week! Prayers being sent!!

Karen said...

Thank you for your honesty. We apprecite you being you. Thats what we like.
My husband and I went thru a simular situation. It was scary, hard, frustrating, and lonely.
Find someone who understands the medical side. Someone you can get "in plain english" answers.
That helped us better understand and come to terms with each doctors appt.
Clearly a positive attitude makes all the difference.
Make that decision with your guy and then move forward with what you must dealt with.
And He will need a get better quilt. Start gathering his favorite colors.
We will say a prayer for you both...Karen

Carol said...

My good thoughts and prayers are with you both and for the doctors.
Take care...we're all here for you!

Cathi said...

I find myself thinking of you throughout the day and hoping that you get some answers from the doctors you're seeing on Tuesday. Lots of hugs coming your way from Toronto.