Thursday, February 24, 2011

So much Done!!

How much can one quilter get done in two days?  Well, it appears quite a bit if she puts her mind to it!  I lucked onto two days off in a row this week, had my sanity about me (pretty much lol!)and a mean little list of things to work on or start. 

If this sounds like the start of another show & tell, you're right!  If you're looking for deep and probing, thought-provoking reading today, then this is not the place.  Hey! I just couldn't get all this sewing done AND, at the same time, focus on solving world issues LOL!  Boy, would my DS's have a field day with that statement lol!

First know those wonderfully sturdy canvas bags you sometimes get at trade shows with logos on them...well, I had a really nice one, big and roomy, zippered top..the whole nine yards...that had been holding down space in my quilt room for a few years now waiting for transformation.  I just hadn't been able to settle on what to do with it but I liked it too much to toss.  Then, I came across this block from a pal's stash and I knew instantly where it needed to go.

One logo covered and one extremely useful bag gained.  I really thought the whole scene was appropriate for a quilt shopping bag, don't you think?
Then, I had a project that had been cut out and was intended for DSIL last fall and just didn't get done and I am so doing the Happy Dance to have this finished!
This is a quilt as you go braid runner....very easy to make although the binding can be a pain on those corners that aren't right angles.
Remember those Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks from last month...well, two of them made it onto another canvas bag. 
This was a pattern I won a few years ago and last summer I talked (conned lol!) my mom into doing the embroidery work.  I had the border fabric as a FQ for about 10 years and see...if you do wait long enough the right project for that fabric will come along lol!  My mom does the most incredible hand embroidery in the whole entire world!  Thanks mum!  My work on this was to put the borders on :)
I made this tablerunner top yesterday from an Eleanor Burns charm pack.  It's really much more springy looking that the photo shows.  The pattern is Little Charmer's II.  This morning I machine quilted it and the binding is attached and just needs to be stitched down.
Over at Woolensails there has been some inspiring egg making going on.  This is my attempt and I don't know why my top turned out so pointy when my pattern had a nice round top lol!  It couldn't be user error could it??!! I used some old cheater fabric, two layers of cotton batt and made big stitches with perle cotton thread.  Despite it's pointy end, I really like it.  In fact, I have an old, very, very worn out quilt that I just might cut into to make some more eggs.  Now, don't's not an heirloom quilt...more like an "air"loom quilt it has so many holes in it.  You must run over see the eggs that inspired my attempt...they are gorgeous!

So the end of two days onto the more serious stuff...what to cook for supper LOL!  Happy stitching!


WoolenSails said...

You sure did get a lot done in two days.
I love that block on the bag, fun idea with panels.
I also like the hexagons, fun to find new ways to use them.

You egg came out great, I have pointy ones too, just have to watch as we round the tops to make them a little more round, since they will point more if we don't.



Good for you in getting all these projects finished!!!! Love them all-
Hugs, Di

Anonymous said...

Hi Red Quilt - I like your egg! If you put a tail on the big end and a couple small ears on the small end - you would have yourself a pretty fancy little mouse there! Your mother and I love your work - definitely our favourite quilter! The anonamous quilter.

Debra @ Life is a Stitch said...

Great finishes, and great egg! You sure have been busy on you couple of days off in a row!

And I like the "big stitch" on the egg that you did - I use that stitch often - my great-grandma called it the "utility stitch" and it sure gets the job done, doesn't it?
Thanks for sharing, & Happy Stitching!

Michele said...

What wonderful finishes :) That makes me want to get my Little Charmers patterns out! Thanks for the reminder. Have a great weekend :)