Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Come Hither Spring!

It's been really slow here at RedQuilts the past few weeks.  The cold bug has been visiting us along with extremely cold weather and snowstorms and lots of grey dreary skies.  When oh when is spring going to get here!! LOL!  When it snows, lots of quilter's get in the mood to SEW!  I get in the mood to SLEEP!

See this quilt!!!  Isn't it gorgeous! 

See who made it!

  Yessirree!  That's my good friend Mary from Quilt Hollow showing off her piecing and machine quilting skills!  Mary did a couple quilts in this book and we're so proud of her! 

I am having a hard time deciding which quilt in this book I want to start first.  When you get a new quilt book, do you jump right in and make the first quilt you like or do you read all the patterns cover to cover and take your time picking out just the right first choice?  I always read the book and patterns thru then pick.  I'm not generally a quick decision maker! I've been know to put off a decision for months LOL! 

Here's a woolie project I stitched a couple weeks ago.  Not sure yet how I am going to finish it....frame it or make another small wool cushion.  I really liked doing the stitching of the stems and leaves.  I used some hand dyed variegated embroidery threads that I picked up at quilt market this past summer.They moved like silk thru the wool and I am already dreaming up the next project to use them on!  I am seeing embroidered pin cushions in my future! LOL!
The sky this morning....and that's all the sun we'll see's snowing already.
  If all goes well, I am supposed to be leaving to go on a quilt retreat on Thursday but it is calling for really bad weather all around us!  A big storm coming up the eastern coast and another coming in from Ontario direction.  Storms of historic proportions is what the news is saying right now.  Enough storms already!  Hope everyone is tucked in safe and sound from the stormy weather...Happy Stitching!


Darlene said...

It's a fabulous book - you need to make every quilt in the book. LOL

I'm loving your woolie basket - very sweet. Is there a pattern or your own creation?

Quilt Hollow said... need to make the quilts and stop reading the book! LOL Your so fun giving a shout out about was fun helping Kim Brackett with her book what is now a BESTSELLER! Woo Hoo!!!!
That is one darned cute wool project!! Of course everything you do in wool is GOOD!
Keep toasty and safe travels tomorrow!

Shakerwood said...

Mary is a sweetie! Just love the little dainty flowers in your woolie basket. Good job!

WoolenSails said...

I love Mary's quilt.
With this weather, I think we all be making more quilts this year;)


Mary Lou Casada said...

I'm with Mary--make every darn quilt in the book!! I already have my list started...Lord, let me live long enough! LOL Always beautiful stuff to see at Red Quilts!!
Mary Lou

Michele said...

I love all of your projects......and what a great book :) Stay safe in the cold!

Kathie said...

love the wool basket, soooo pretty!
oh the sky picture is amazing, ah yes I am in agreement with enough of these snow storms
another one today for us!
well I am getting a lot of sewing done!
have a great weekend