Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good Grief!!

Can't believe it's Thursday already!! I'm sitting here, the sweat is pouring off me because.. you know..the heat and humidity is back..oh, excited about that :(  and why is that everytime you start to shower, you have to pee?! Like, really....good grief! don't I already have enough to deal with! LOL!

Here are some more quilt pics from the Augusta Show:

This last one took top are seeing the whole quilt here.  Now, off to the pool for sweat removal...nasty scene, that is...Hope you enjoyed the show!  Stitch Happy!
**I wish I had noted the names of the quiltmakers for these quilts:( .  My mistake and I apologize for not doing that.  If one of these quilts is made by you, please let me know so I can give you credit**


Anonymous said...

Love the pics of the quilt show. Lucy

Riel said...

Thanks for sharing the pics Shelley! We just got back from Freeport and of course stopped in some quilt shops (and Marden's). A couple of people mentioned this show. I bet it was awesome!

Quilt Hollow said...

Quilt Show picks are wonderful. You snapped some photos of quilts that I sure would love to own myself.
I received "the envelope" from you today. Thank you!!
I noticed two different addresses from when I won the book and today's mail. Please let me know which you prefer or should I say is yours. Thanks bunches!!!

Barb said...

Thanks for sharing these great quilts. Some I had seen, but many I hadn't -
have a great day

Cathi said...

Thank you for sharing the quilt pics!
It's going to be even more hot and humid here this weekend. We were out for a bit this afternoon and wow, the sun is strong!