Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fun with Wool

I was up and at it in the sewing room by 8 am today and it was sweet!  I finished up a few small things and worked on some ongoing quilts.  It felt good to be in there so early.  The cooler weather and fresher air in the mornings is very motivating.  I can feel and smell fall in the air and that makes me so happy!  Fall is my favorite season of the year!

When I was at the Augusta, ME quilt show last month, I visited my favorite wool vendor, Attic Heirlooms and purchased a new pattern for wool pincushions.  I fell in love with one in particular...Pennies and Posies Pin Cushion Set.

Here I have all my pieces made just waiting to put together.  Loved making those pennies which are actually dime sized! LOL!

Pincushion all sewn together.  Now, the cool thing!  See that clamp....the pin cushion will be attached to the saucer shaped top with a glue gun.  Then, voila....!

Isn't this the coolest thing ever!! Right now I have it clamped to my cutting table but I could also clamp it to my ironing board, quilt frames or table edge.  The sad thing is I only bought one clamp and I need more.  The good thing is they are available on the shops website!  Oh yeah!! You can get the pattern there too and it has a pattern for another pin cushion included but I haven't got that one made yet! LOL!  Maybe on the weekend I will get around to it too.

I have August's Bunny Hill Bom done....he's so cute!
And on Friday, this is where I'll be......
Yep, another quilt show!!! Yippee!  Hope to see you there and I'll try to takes lots of photos of my favorites.  This show always has the most amazing selection of antique quilts and I hope they do this year.  Happy quilting today and Get well soon to all my sick blogger friends!  Feel better soon:)


Shakerwood said...

I just love that pincushion. Just adorable. And anything in wool can't be all bad!!
Thanks for sharing!

Barb said...

The pincushion is fantastic!
have fun at the show, hope you can take photos for us :)

Quilt Hollow said...

Love, Love, LOVE the pincushion and clamp idea!
(thanks for the get well wishes...were you talking about me?!)

paulette said...

LOVE the pincushion...and the clamp!! Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

I love wool pin cushions. I have a pattern for one that goes on a clamp but I don't think it is the one you were making. I need to pull my pattern out.