Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Busy Weekend!

I had one busy weekend. Friday was the quilt show, Saturday I worked at the quilt shop, Sunday we got caught up on laundry and groceries(I hate grocery shopping!) and yesterday I spent doing a 100 odds and ends plus it was our 24th wedding anniversary.  Yep, we're old! LOL!  You know you're old when you reach the age when you first thought your parents were old and couldn't possibly imagine ever getting to that age! Remember!

The quilt show was just okay.....I really want to say it was fantastic but in all honesty, I can't.  I took a ton of pictures but they didn't turn out very good as the area they had them in had awful lighting.  The one inspiring quilt was one that they brought in special for the show called "The Quilt Show".  If you ever get the chance to see this quilt, please do!

This quilt is made by Laura Peterson and measures 108" x 30".  It was amazing the details! The third lady from the left....even her toenails were painted!! Toenails the size of the point on a pencil!  The ladies bags were 3D and stuffed with little magazines and rolls of fabric.  The black panels were dimensional also, just like at a real quilt show! The ribbons were real ribbons not just applique.

The only man in the quilt is checking out his watch and you could actually see the time on it!  The people were about 7" tall.

Here are few of the photos that turned out fairly good....

Happy Stitching!:)


Mary Lou Casada said...

Is that the coolest quilt or what!?! Our club did a 12" block exchange of Sunbonnet Sues in black and white. I did "Amish" Sues holding a quilt -- and that thing was about a 6" quilt on the 12" block and it was difficult! I just can't imagine the work and attention to detail of this fabulous wall quilt? Very cool!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Riel said...

Thanks for sharing Shelley! The details on that quilt are amazing and the humour of the man and the watch is perfect! I can't wait to get to a quilt show. Ours here in KV will be my first (to both attend as a visitor and enter!)

Sandra said...

Thanks for posting the quilt pics Shelley. Karen and I didn't get to see them at the show, vendors....so little time with it closing at 4:00....which was waaaaay to early. I have the pattern for the redwork snowman quilt, I would have loved to have seen it in person, but the photo is great as well.

Karen said...

That is amazing "Quilt Show" quilt. Such creative thought went into it. Thanks for sharing the picture.

Mary Lou Casada said...

May I borrow one of the pictures you took from the show? The "Big Girl Panties" one got the old gears whirling in my brain and I have a whole blog post ready -- and I'd love to borrow that photo. I'll give you credit, of course! :-D, and link to your site so everyone can see the rest of the quilt show and your lovely blog.
Mary Lou