Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Side of Normal

Finally!  A break in the weather. So, with the cooler temps, I'm starting to feel more normal :) 
I was lucky and accomplished some of everything I had set out to do. As I was working with my charm pack for my Schnibbles, I had a lightbulb moment!  Charm packs are a great way to collect for a larger scrap quilt.  With the frequency that new lines come out, I could collect as many as 4 different sets of charms by the same designer in a year.  I think I will start collecting my favorite, Kansas Troubles and my second favorite, Civil War prints.  This way all my prints will be different but go together and I won't be stuck with any leftovers!  I'm sure this is not a "new" thought but sometimes I miss the boat the first time and catch it the second time around, if you get my meaning! LOL
Loving my little plaid hearts!  What oh what shall I do with them? 
I discovered a "new to me" product this summer that I just have to share with you! It's Best Press and you use it for hand applique.          I wash all my fabric when I buy and that removes all the finish/firmness.  Then, after I have turned under the edges of my applique, it looks like this....messy, rumpled, puffed edges, won't lie flat.                        
After using Best Press, my appliques are again flat and have a certain firmness, not hard, but really nice which makes it really easy to sew down to the background.  Best Press does not leave a white starch residue.  I love it!  **no product affiliation*  just passing on what works for me! :)

I don't think I've shared this little quilt before...a miniature apple core that I hand pieced and hand quilted. It measures 18" x 10".  I didn't enjoy making this little quilt....found the shapes frustrating to put together but I really Love it now that it's finished! :)

*Been sick the past few days...sorta starting to feel better..some kinda summer bug :( but hopefully on the mend:)  Happy stitching!


paulette said...

Enjoyed your posting and so glad that you are feeling better...maybe a bug with a combination of the heat! Love your hearts and your tip..and your apple core quilt is SEW sweet!! Take care!

Quilt Hollow said...

I too was feeling a wee under the weather this past weekend and seem to be just fine.
Fantastic tip for the starch. I've never used Best Press. I've been hearing alot about the new Faultless squeeze spray as a comparable to Best Press. I can only find the aerosol though.

Cathi said...

I too am a charm pack addict. But I like to mix them up. They make some great scrap quilts.
Hope you enjoyed the cooler weather. It seems we've got a really hot week this week. Guess it will make its way to you soon too.

libbyquilter said...

love this little apple core quilt~! i've always wanted to make one but it remains on the list . . . am thinking fall is a perfect time to do something scrap appleish . . . but shame on me for even thinking of starting another project~!