Monday, June 28, 2010

Two Quilts, One WIP

So graduation festivities are finally done!! Two grads, my nephews, 3 parties, grad night.....all over and done! My belly is too full of yummy potluck from the parties, we had awesome and I mean AWESOME fireworks, lots of cake, and now I need recoup from all the fun!

My nephew Austin totally diggin his quilt I made for him. It better not end up under the car while you fix something!!!LOL!

My nephew Bowen totally checking out his quilt! I'm sure this quilt will have lots of tales to tell in about 10 years! :) Congrats guys! We love you!

Our weather has changed to rainy and very humid...translate icky! I am just dragging along.

Do you like this quilt? I love this quilt! It was made by Dawn of Spring Water Designs and she has entered it on Kim's Crafty Apple contest. If you like this quilt, go vote for Dawn's beautiful quilt here!

Now, I am on to a new project! I am working with charm packs of Whimsey and using the Two Bits Schnibbles pattern. Look at these fabrics, seriously, how can you just not love them!!

Two Bits will be part of the Schnibble's Club I am offering at the quilt shop this fall! OOOOH, what fun! Happy Quilting All!


Anonymous said...

Great jobs Shelley - The boys are fortunate to have such a great quilter aunt! I'm sure they will treasure these for years to come. One on the bed,the other under the car.LOL Love Mom & Bob - The phantom quilter.

call me crazy said...

Beautiful quilts!~ lucky grads! :-) Dawn's quilt is really lovely too! Have fun Schnibblin'! :-)