Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweet things on a Monday!

My, oh, my, how I would love to have this lovely sweet ride to take me from here to there and everywhere! I've always had a hankering for a classic red truck to scoot around town in. It's near the top on my wish list if I ever "hit it big!"! LoL, like that's ever going to happen!! Why did they ever stop making these lovely models? I guess it's like fabric....there is always someone coming up with something new, something different.

This is the top detail on my Niece's bag I made for her
birthday yesterday. I love the ruffle which makes it a little more girly!

Some more photos of the quilt show.....I love antique appliqued quilts and these were three of my favorites. I like how on the first one the quilter used two different flower motifs...a little different than most which have repeats of one flower.
The basket quilt was a mail order kit from the '30's. And the pansy, which has lovely stitched details....just sweet!! Inspired! Happy Quilting!

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